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@Alistair - "intentionally block or disrupt personal Wi-Fi hot spots"

Hofstra did absolutely nothing to the hotspots, which is exactly the limit of the FCC's authority on this matter. There's nothing to enforce unless they used a jammer, deauth packets, or some other technical means to *interfere* with the wireless devices. Interfering with the persons using such devices is 100% within their rights.

Interestingly, I worked at a private university until recently-ish. I was *the* network admin for 2500 users. I can almost guarantee that they're terribly underfunded and this was somebody's desperate attempt to look like they're bringing the university money and that IT is not just a cost center. Which is a sad state of affairs, really. They clearly also did not test their wireless before letting the crowd have at it. I've been in this position (my boss attempted the cash-in part, and thankfully, that idea was nixed, but we still made wireless promises that we could not keep and were not given tools or wireless units or time to improve coverage... it was just expected to work perfectly everywhere, all the time, magically, because that's how wireless works), so I can empathize. Still, there's a bag of at least 3 dickheads in all this. I hope they at least use the money to better their wireless infrastructure, but I know they won't.

I genuinely hope the organizers choose a better forum for the event 4 years from now, and that they don't have to include "WiFi clauses" in their contracts because of this dickbag.

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