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Did last night's US presidential debate Wi-Fi rip-off break the law?

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Hofstra University

Will cop an out on this -> pursidential debate, anti turrist mehshus!

The rather *interesting* question I have is *how* did they acquire this agreement not to use WiFi hotspots?. That isn't made completely clear in the article. If it was a T&Cs type of addon to the ticket/invite it may not have standing under certain interpretations.

@jamesb2147 -> I'm expecting that Hofstra will stand on the scaremongering bit.

"Under the rules, "no hotel, convention center, or other commercial establishment or the network operator providing services at such establishments may intentionally block or disrupt personal Wi-Fi hot spots on such premises, including as part of an effort to force consumers to purchase access to the property owner's Wi-Fi network."

*including as part of an effort to force consumers to purchase.....*

is the key line in that article of the act in this case.

I'd like to see *just* how much Hofstra made off the event, and just how much tuition will be reduced next year for students as a result of that profit.

Oh, wait, right, private......

.....and it didn't work properly anyway did it?

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