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<quote>then you either have to follow each subsequent release until the next LTS, or else somehow jump back to the previous LTS (not sure if you can do that without re-installing).</quote>

Here is a hint: 'IF you can afford the space, set up at least 5 partitions (6 if you must have 'swap'), and keep your data files separate from /home. Load the O/S into its own partition, and set up the data partition to be 'automagically' mounted at boot. Like this:

/dev/sda1 : Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

/dev/sda2 : Ubuntu 16.10

/dev/sda3 : Ubuntu 17.04

/dev/sda4 : Ubuntu 17.10

/dev/sda5 : data

/dev/sda6 : swap

You might 'adjust the location of 'swap' if you want it in between the O/S partitions. You get to the other O/S installs by embedding the GRUB bootloader for in that partition in that partition and chainloading it. In essence, you 'boot twice' for any of the non LTS installs. It isn't the easiest thing to do, but once you "get it", you are free to blow away an outdated O/S partition, and experiment with something else.

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