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I know, right? Only thing I ever used the Software thing for was to immediately install Synaptic ono a fresh Ubuntu. Just today, coincidentally, this damn Ubuntu Software crap took a few seconds of my life. A collaborator brought her Ubuntu laptop over to solve a scientific problem of ours here. Long story short(er), I decided to install a program that needed Java. There was none. Searching for "java" in Ubuntu Software returned a long list of programs that depend on Java... but not the OpenJDK or anything useful like that. Not willing to spend even more time trying to figure out whether (and if yes, how) that damn thing could show everything that is in the repos, I just installed Synaptic instead.

Hopefully the new Ubuntu Software will ease that pain -- mind, I will probably still use Synaptic anyway, but at least I probably (hoepefully?) won't have to install it in other people's computer when I help them...

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