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I can certainly appreciate your point of view. In a very real way, I agree.

It does raise the question though of who defines "crap ads" when it is so easy for anyone to 'buy' access? This is not to mention that a very big part of it does not even come close to being under Reg control. Which means it is very difficult to say with any real certainty what is and what is not crap.

For the record though, I don't use adblockers per se. But I do filter out over 260,000 websites from my network. I do this with NO GUILT. I do this purely out of self protection. Not only for threat mitigation but for bandwidth control aswell. Since I don't use other people's software, I am not under their control. I see no reason for this to ever be done any other way. I am a user that cares.

Perhaps it is time for ALL online news sites to stop being so dependent on 'advertising' of any kind and rely on quality content. It might be surprising to discover how effective this will be at brining in more visitors, readers, and loyalty.

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