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Gotta get paid

I support a few of my favourite independent "content producers" through Patreon, which lets you decide how much you want to donate. I really couldn't care less if I lose access to poorly written articles on ad-ridden local news website because I use an ad blocker. I certainly don't want to pay a £5 a month subscription to a site that I may read one article on every couple of months.

I would prefer a pay-per-view system whereby you load up a wallet with low value tokens, and the website would request a certain number of tokens to view the content. If you don't like it, f-off or look at some adverts. Of course this service would be monitoring browsing habits, and probably start making "suggestions" (i.e. advertising).

I think content creators deserve to get paid for their work, I just prefer to pay those who I feel deserve to be paid, and in my opinion, the stuff with a shitload of intrusive ads isn't worth reading, let alone being paid for.

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