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My early object to ads was the intrusive flashy nature of a lot of them, plus having to close the annoying pop-up and pop-under windows. Limited bandwidth also predisposed me against stupid large images too. Now I'm motivated primarily by security - unless a site is prepared to indemnify me for losses incurred due to their site serving up malware then I'm going to keep matters in my own hands and block ads. Ironically, they'd fix pretty much all of it by serving ads from their own sites, not via a broker's site, and by doing so server-side with no scripts or flash on my machine. I'm sure a blocker would be hard-pressed to reliably block a static image from the host site. However, that would break the whole ad industry and the way they track people, so I doubt if it would happen. Not to mention the fact that all the sluggish scripts slowing down your PC would now have to run on the server, so they'd have to upgrade their end of the link.

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