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Degrees are worth less now everyone has one

More people with degrees = less value of a degree.

I graduated from a top 10 UK university in the mid 2000's and as far as I'm concerned that was about the last time that a degree had any kind of meaning.

Everywhere I've worked since has been full of other people with degrees to the point where it wasn't seen as anything special if you had one. Conversley, if you didn't have one, well most I.T. companies only care if you can get the job done on time and within budget anyway, so why would a degree matter?

If I was 10 years younger there's no way I'd entertain doing a degree now. As a software developer, I'd focus on learning and improving my skillset (development tools, languages, testing procedures, etc) and go to the highest bidder. If a degree costs 50k, it's going to take quite a while for that to be repaid, especially given you could be on the same - or potentially higher earnings - without one.

Incidentally, if you have time and inclination to learn another (spoken) language, I'd say you could progress faster than someone with a degree with isn't mutli-lingual.

Global I.T. relies on people being able to speak multiple languages (I've witnessed several very highly paid technology translators who do just that in my career so far). The notion that it's "all in English" is only partly true; being able to speak someone elses language is not a bad thing.

Just my opinion, but the times have changed.

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