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Forgive me, father, for I have used an ad-blocker on news websites...

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Never Have I...

Never have I ever purchased anything based on an advertisement I saw online... Not once in 20yrs of being online has I been tempted.

What does that tell you about adverts... that they're ineffective and a simple annoyance. I never watch live TV on channels that have advert breaks, instead I hit record and then wait to start watching for 10-20 mins so I can fast forward through the ad breaks. Mind you, the number of times I watch an advert riddled channel over the course of a year can be counted on one hand.

I do whitelist a few sites that don't invade and blast you with crap... sadly the reg is NOT one of them because it has become really, really bad over the last few years.

But In addition to adblocking, I also script block and tracker block... Why this comments page and the reg feel the need for 6 trackers is beyond me... But they're blocked all the same and will never be unblocked.

After the news that adblock plus has sold out and is now accepting payment to ALLOW ads through, I shall be finding something else. But noscript and privacy badger remain and until they stop working, shall remain active on ALL sites I visit unless it's something that is essential to my use.

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