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As I said, a myriad of designs. But many therapeutic asthmatic "vaporisers" are actually atomisers. Atomisation can be achieved by physical methods which do not involve direct heat, such as nozzles or sonic bombardment. Stage smoke effects also come in a myriad of designs, from atomisation through dry ice to vaporised oil

The Git used to be a volunteer firefighter and we were sent for training from time to time. Here's the type of smoke generator used. And here's a typical MSDS for the fluid. Glycol BTW is another name for glycerin.

My sister is a nurse who happens to also suffer from asthma. While TRT is correct that nebulisers for asthma sufferers create the aerosol mechanically, the drug she uses is not soluble in water. It's dissolved in propylene glycol!

I think TRT has a barrow to push and he doesn't seem to mind being somewhat deceptive about it.

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