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"You don't seem to make the difference between Special Forces and conventional forces unless Special Forces routinely use tanks so your spiel about armoured forces in the Gulf War is totally IRRELEVANT...." Which is why I pointed out the complete failure of the French "special forces" during their colonial wars and compared them to the successes of the British special forces. Please try reading the whole post before tryping (sic) a frothing response.

".....Fighting the OAS was the job of the police and security forces (who subcontracted the dirty work to underworld elements). So another irrelevant remark from you......' Really? Or does it just point out both the incompetence of the French commanders and politicians, and the unpreparedness of the French "special forces"? When the British and Northern Irish police and regular armed forces needed the SAS in Northern Ireland, the SAS was ready, willing and able, because the SAS was a smarter led, better trained and more prepared force.

".....On a side note I knew a French guy who did his National Service in Algeria serving in Military Intelligence ..... He told me MI owned the Algerians through a XX (Double Cross) type operation similar to what the British did during WW2....." So, they copied what the Brits had already done, but still lost? Not a very convincing argument for even parity!

"......If French SpecOps are so bad why did Saudi Arabia specifically ask for French, not American or British mind you, operators to handle a hostage situation in Mecca in 1979?...." Are you referring to the completely farcical French attempts to retake the Grand Mosque? Even the French GIGN tried to downplay their part in the drawn out and costly endeavor, insisting it was the Pakistanis commandos that actually screwed up! Of course, the reason the Saudis didn't ask the British for help might be because the SAS had spent many years defeating Saudi-backed rebels in Oman.

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