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".....most powerful military in the history of the planet has managed to crush a handful of third world uprisings....." Please take a break from the Yank-hating and go read some history. For example, the Korean War was an UN action where the US was the largest contributor, and the opposition included the Chinese, the most populous country on the planet, with some of the most advanced weaponry (some, such as the MiG-15, actually being more advanced than the equivalent US weaponry) the Soviets could give them.

".....When N Korea decides it has had enough and retaliates by launching a bomb to destroy every satellite in space...." LOL, you really need to watch some actual factual programming and less Sci-Fi! Firstly, even pretending a Nork nuke-tipped missile could make it into space above the US without being shot down (the US is already installing anti-ballistic-missile batteries in South Korea and has ships in the pacific with the ability to intercept ICBMs), a high-atmospheric or orbital blast from a Nork nuke would not take out even a third of the current satellites in geo-stationary orbit over the US, but would bring a very severe response. The idea that the US is not prepared for a retaliatory strike of every nuke silo, bunker, and command site in North Korea is amusingly naïve. Secondly, you'll have to wait to see if the Norks can even make a nuke small enough to fit on one of their missiles, which currently seems beyond them. Thirdly, the most likely scenario IMHO is that, should Baby Kim get too uppity, the Chinese will mount a coup using their own people in North Korea, or simply invade and install a new puppet regime. Baby Kim is only of value to the Chinese as long as he keeps an expensive chunk of US forces tied down in South Korea and provides a buffer to China itself. The two last things China wants is a war on their doorstep (the disruption to regional trade and traffic would mean the Chinese economy would implode), or the South and the US invading and installing a regime that might be less willing to toe China's line.

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