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The point I was making is that whilst they initially only self administer during their normal waking hours as would be expected with something that is just pleasurable to them, that gradually changes over time so that they actually wake during their downtime to S.A.

I covered that in my following paragraph.

I used to often get up during the night to "self-administer" something I seemed to have an addiction to. Water. I would wake and drink a small amount before going to sleep again. I very seldom woke to smoke, in fact I only had a smoke after waking if I was woken for a reason like a late call or message from someone or some other event meant I was going to be awake for a bit. Where it was waking to a minor noise (wind/rain etc) that could be safely ignored I would go back to sleep. But waking for water? Or because I wanted to keep playing a game and went to sleep only from exhaustion (48hr sessions over weekends weren't unheard of), or some other thing that currently had my fancy, sure.

Anyway, as said, could it be that nicotine acts as a stimulant that caused this, not any addiction? (and so many studies and other evidence shows that nicotine has little if any real physical addiction).

Did you actually read the report before coming to your conclusion?

I'm writing comments on El Reg, of course I didn't bother reading the report! Not my fault if you can't quote sufficient of it to get your point across ! :)

If not I demand your boffin icon be retracted.

To quote Mr Pilate, "What I have written, I have written" (disclaimer : quote may not be entirely accurate and is subject to my standard research level)

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