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Does that also mean people in your office arent allowed perfume or aftershave... both stink, or deodorant?

ISTR in Canada or somewhere else such things were banned in government buildings, and with good reason. Many restaurants around the world have been known to kick out patrons who over-do the perfumes and other stenches.

Me? You could kill me with a squirt of many perfumes, scented soaps, cleaning solutions. Like a number of people I do have a reaction to a lot of scents (or rather, one or two compounds commonly used in such things). Unlike most though, my reactions can be quite severe. I have to be careful with what I use.

It wasn't always like this, but came about after exposure to some toxins while I was in my teens. Well, I can't state for certain the cause but I can say that within a few weeks of the exposure I was starting to have issues.

Minor doses cause a burning sensation on the throat. Heavier doses cause coughing fits and a hell of a lot of flem coming out with them. Severe doses, well I'm sure you can imagine. Most common levels of perfume or deodorant are enough to cause significant discomfort. Certain brands of dishwashing liquid or laundry powder will have me needing to leave the area during winter (summer is OK if doors/windows are open).

So banning such things from other people is good. Just because some of these things smell nice to some doesn't mean that they're safe to inhale in concentrated forms, or that you have any right to impose your stench on me. What you like the smell of I might hate (and I can speak to this - I'm someone who loves the smell of silage!)

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