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But when people start thinking that quitting nicotine is just the same as quitting chocolate or coffee it helps no one.

A doctor once suggest I cut back on the choccy and quit the coffee, otherwise I could die quite young. Strangely, it was him who died young, and violently! (joke alert! I've never tortured one of my doctors to death!)

That said, I easily quit nicotine, I can go for days without chocolate. But coffee, or rather caffeine? That's something I don't think I've gone for more than a week without since I was 11! (if tea truly has high caffeine, then you can take that back to 5). Smoking was the easy one (after several painful tries over many many years before I found the easy way!)

The way modern language is going, we seem to be heading backwards. Words are becoming more general and less specific. I think we'll all be just grunting again pretty soon

That deserves an upvote on it's own. I get quite pissed off at the over use (or over-hype) of things especially with emotive words.. Things like "amazing" and "incredible" with vacuum-cleaner adverts (the only incredible thing is that you get away with it!), or "terrible tragedy when some nutjob politician loses a few % points. When the words to describe an extreme event are turned into words that describe something minor, what do we then use? When words get confused, how can we understand what the other is saying?

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