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Sorry Nanny, e-cigs have 'no serious side-effects' – researchers

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Nobody sensible anywhere is suggesting people who don't smoke take up vaping. Yeah, it's addictive but evidence suggests that the nicotine in ecigs is actually way less addictive (working theory is that it's due to the combination of chemicals when you burn tobacco - which is corollary to ecigs can help you stop smoking).

Nobody is saying it's a thing but as far as anybody can tell (with very extensive testing having been done) that even if non-smokers and children are taking up ecigs it's probably not going to be the end of the world.

Think of the children? Sure - but here's the thing: kids who are likely to take up ecigs are likely to take up smoking if we live in a world where ecigs don't exist but regular cigs do so if that's the choice it's logically a better option. We should be carrying on educating kids and that's fine but my thing is if they're gonna do one or the other either way (and these kids definitely are) ...

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