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When I am (was) deprived of nicotine I get a horrible sensation in my mouth, extremely restless, irritable and find it hard to concentrate

Lots of people have "addictions" that cause those or other issues. A teenage boy who wants 5 mins privacy but can't get it, a person "addicted" to drinking water, someone craving a sugar fix they're not being allowed, someone else wanting a particular brand of chips, someone with a song they can't get out of their head. Many things cause these sensations or have these effects without truly being addictive.

The nasty thing with nicotine is that we're brainwashed into believe it's addictive and we'll have some nasty reaction to withdrawal. Find someone who has never had nicotine, give them some substance to drink and tell them it contains nicotine. See how they respond when you cut it back or stop it, they will go through "nicotine withdrawal" having never ingested any. Same as recent studies where people were told they were being given alcohol and "got drunk", even though there was no alcohol in what they were given.

It's OK. I used to believe as you do. I was severely addicted and if I went for more than a couple of hours without a smoke I could become violent, more than a day and I could become suicidal. I still seemed to be able to sleep for 6-10 hours without problem though, and only had "withdrawal symptoms" when I was being denied my fix (whether through not having any tobacco while others did or not being allowed out eg not being able to get time off work).

Much thanks to the fuckwits in the various "anti-smoking" industries. If it wasn't for you I probably never would've become a smoker and certainly I would've had an easier time quitting. Since you brought me up to believe that as my parents were smokers I also would be, I did what you taught me. Since you taught me that smoking was highly addictive,I did that as well.

If you really don't think nicotine is addictive prove it, take up vaping 10mg juice for a year & then see how easy you find it to go without?

Did the same with nicotine, from at least a 50g per week (plus whatever "sweepings" I could buy to supplement my expensive habit) to nothing in a little over a week (reading a chapter of "The Only way to stop smoking permanently" each day). Sat down with a close friend, had my last smoke with him (brought a pack of tailies just for the occasion) and gave him the leftovers. Next day sat in the same place and chatted while he smoked, not even a hint of desiring or withdrawal. Only symptoms I had were things like coughing fits and itchy throat as the body started to heal. No "replacements", no gum, no extra nicotine, no problems.

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