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Fact is, eve if we do say it's addictive - addiction isn't a problem if it doesn't negatively impact the user or their peers. It's just a self-reinforcing habit. And we have little evidence to support even that, when tobacco smoke isn't involved.

Bringing facts into such a topic? How dare you! You must be in the employ of big tobacco to be sayign such things, and [warning : bullshit overload...bullshit overload..bullshit overload...]

Thanks for bringing some reality into such topics. Smoking is a habbit that does border on (maybe even cross the border of) addiction, but the addictive side of it is only psychological.

One good example - watch a group of people who smoke where none of them have smokes avaialble, all of them can't smoke for whatever reason etc, you'll see they get on with life and hardly think about it.

Now, give one of them half a smoke and watch the fun and violence ensue as the others realise how much they "need" a smoke and how they're "hanging out" and "going through withdrawal".

Nicotine isn't addictive. But we have all these helpful ads re-infocing the myth that it's highly addictive and hard to quit. When we x-smokers get into difficulty, we're only doing what we've been told is normal and expected behaviour, often several times each and every day for years.

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