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Use of the word "anecdotally" rather reduces the validity of any claim to relative effectiveness vis-à-vis vaping.

I was a smoker for some 20 years (not counting the kiddy stuff when I was yet to reach double digits in age). Tried it all, various types of NRT from the patches/gum to the "One month of this can fund a years smoking, and you need to complete the 10 month course or it'll never work" (hint - you can drop out the "you need to complete...or" and just leave in the "it'll never work"), e-cigs (early models, but they did help some, and were cheaper than normal smokes), and all sorts of other things.

The one thing that help was the Allan Car books, "Easy way to stop smoking" and, after my nephew did something to bring it back, "only way to stop smoking permanently". Been some 5 yeasr since the latter, I've had all the triggers that got me smoking again previously, and still clear.

Oh, the absolute worst thing, the thing that made it hardest to quit? Our version of ASH (drop out "smoking" and you have their real name - "Anti-Health"), Quitline (hopefully helps some) and the ad campaigns they run just to re-inforce how "hard" it is to quit. Alan Car says that's a form of brain-washing and I have to agree, we're bombarded with how hard it is to stop, how we get withdrawal and so on and so forth. It really isn't true, I quit easily with no withdrawal and few annoying side effects - them being things like the coughing fits as the lungs start to realise they can clear the gunk out and the itchy throat as the hair on the trachea restores (at least I think it's fine hair fibres on the trachea re-growing that causes that itch).

So here's some anecdote for ya :)

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