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There are nano particles in the air I breathe (it's the saltiness of the sea breeze), there are nano particles of silver in those odour-eating socks (not to mention the unmentionables) and in the plastic wrap for foods in the fridge. In fact, there are hundreds of products from therapeutic drugs to sunscreen that contain nano particles. I guess if you say "nano particles" often enough it gets really scary.

You mention poor emulation in relation to vapourising PG/VG differently in the lab than in the e-cig and it's a valid point. So why do investigators into cigarettes use a constant flow method of analysing the smoke when smokers do no such thing? Smokers puff and the burning portion of the cigarette varies in temperature. So I guess we can dismiss all that research into normal cigarette smoking for it's poor experimental design.

It's worth noting here that there are no standards set in this area of research. Everyone who decides to measure the translation of nicotine from source to bloodstream invents their own technique so comparing studies is misleading to say the least.

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