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"I can tell there's a smoker in the car in front of me by the smell."

This is something I always found fascinating about anti-smokers - they can walk unfazed through an intermodal with locomotives and semi-trailers belching diesel fumes every which way, yet somehow possess the olfactory senses of emperor moths when it comes to tobacco smoke - able to detect a single particle from 10 miles upwind. With said single particle subsequently causing a raft of allergic reations when inhaled.

Although I myself am an ex-smoker of many years, unlike many of my ex-smoking compatriots I never let it get to me when someone wants to have a durry, mainly because I knew how it felt to be subjected to such psychosomatic overreactions when I did smoke. The only time I can't handle cigarette smoke is if it's in a closed room or vehicle with little ventilation. If there's a bit of breeze a whiff of tobacco smoke now and again doesn't bother me!

Incidentally my own experience is that the best way to stop smoking is to come down with a two-week bout of the 'flu. It makes it impossible to take even one puff and by the time the 'flu passes enough for you to light up again, the physiological nicotine addiction is long broken and all that remains is to drop the habit.

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