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Sorry Steven Raith but you are talking bollocks.

"The very fact that the vast majority of users of these devices start off at 24/18/12mg nicotine, and tend to scale down to 3/6mg by choice without any problems should suggest that nicotine, in and of itself, just isn't all that addictive. Otherwise, it'd go the other way - people would start at 12/18 and go up to 24/36. "

There is nothing that says an addictive substance automatically causes the addict to increase consumption of that substance. All it requires is that the removal of the substance causes a physical response only alleviated by the re-introduction of the substance. I had a friend who was a heroin addict. Not the kind people immediately think of. He had a well paid respectable, responsible job in the city which he held down whilst being a regular heroin user for the whole 10 years that I knew him. Are you going to try to tell us heroin isn't addictive?

As someone who smoked for 30+ years and tried several times to give up, finally succeeding with vaping I have personal experience of the addiction.

When I am (was) deprived of nicotine I get a horrible sensation in my mouth, extremely restless, irritable and find it hard to concentrate. Previously I had tried to give up using patches and an aerosol inhaler (available from the NHS) both of which did reduce the cravings to an extent, but of course do very little to combat the habitual aspects of smoking.

When deciding to try giving up by using a vapourizer, my plan was to gradually reduce the nicotine content of the liquids I was using and I set myself a limit in which to do it - Basically the moment I had to replace any of the initial vaping kit was the moment I would stop completely.

I tried starting off on a low nicotine fluid, but found it didn't really reduce my cravings at all even though the process of inhaling / exhaling felt a lot more like smoking and its similarity to smoking made it immediately easy to reach for the vape rather than cigs. However as someone who had chain smoked I found myself vaping almost constantly, i just couldn't seem to get rid of the mouth sensation, restlessnes etc... I ended up changing to an 18mg fluid and suddenly it was transformed. The vapouriser would remove my craving with just 3 or 4 puffs and I wouldn't fell the need to vape for another 30 minutes. It immediately transformed my life.

So during the next year I tried repeatedly to reduce the nicotine in my fluids, but doing so would immediately result in the return of the cravings. It took a year before my tank broke, although my 3 batteries were also on their last legs. I was still using 18mg fluids by then.

Nonetheless I kept my promise to myself and went cold turkey once the tank broke. The effect, craving-wise was brutal. I had to constantly eat things just to get rid of the feeling in my mouth that nicotine deprivation causes me (and every friend I have known who has given up smoking or vaping nicotine) I used raw carrots, celery, cashews etc... in an effort to avoid putting on weight.

The only difference between going cold turkey from cigarettes and doing so from vaping 18mg fluids was that a year vaping had helped break the habits formed through 30 years of chain smoking roll-ups.

Also of course you spend that year noticing that you don't smell any more, you can go to pubs, cinemas and restaurants again. (Just 1 minute of vaping in the loo would be enough if I was really feeling the need.) After a while exercise becomes easier. Oh and one other effect that no-one mentions but probably should.(and the reason I am posting anonymously)..It became much easier to get erections, really, really, hard erections like I was 20 again.

I was spending £40 a week smoking, which became more like £10 a week when vaping. Now I spend that all on weed (which I use in a vapouriser) :)

If you really don't think nicotine is addictive prove it, take up vaping 10mg juice for a year & then see how easy you find it to go without?

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