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Steven Raith

Re: ...aaaaand, smoking cigarettes doesn't cause cancer!!

Back in the 60's and 70s, access to this research by the public and non-academic experts was tricky and inconvenient - so blowing them apart with common sense or questioning and repeating the methodology was hard.

These days, we have Pubmed commons and various open access journals, and the tobacco industry is under closer scrutiny than it ever has been - everyone is looking for them to lie again.

The irony is, it's actually the anti-harmreduction crowd who are pushing out the most junk - poor methodology, clear conflict of interest. And thankfully, we can now see the research as soon as it's published, and openly question it's merits, methodology, etc.

See these studies that have all been critiqued in the open.

That simply wasn't possible 40 years ago.

Because it's not 40 years ago.

Steven R

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