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Steven Raith

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Tom, he's probably citing the Sun headline from a few weeks ago that 'vaping is as bad for you as fags', based on nothing more than that it stiffens the aortic arteries temporarily.

However, what they didn't report:

Arortic stiffening is temporary and goes back to normal within minutes - that is, it's an 'acute' effect.

It takes 30mins of vaping to get same effect as one cigarette (5 mins of smoking)

No cardiologist worth their salt would ever make claims about aortic stiffening being a prognosis for heart disease - it's not a marker for it. At all.

Other things that cause exactly the same type and level of response: Coffee, jogging, having a tommy-tank, someone coming up behind you and going BOO. But you don't see people saying that going jogging or tugging one out will give you heart disease.

Here is a comprehensive deconstruction and demolition of the Sun article from the former executive director of ASH.

Steven R

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