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FYI then 'pen' type system that you are probably referring too (the ones sold along side tobacco products not the ones commonly found in vaping shops) are made by the big tobacco companies - obviously they want to put people off this technology so flooded the market with cheap devices that deliver a useless nicotine hit.

For anyone just getting into vaping I think this is quite good advice:

To work out what strength of juice you should be using its quite easy to work out from what you were smoking, basically on average you absorb one tenth of the nicotine in e-juice so based on that you can do some simple maths:

20 cigs a day x the amount of nicotine typically absorbed from your brand of cigarette (found on the side of a box of cigarettes), lets say 0.9mg = 18mg

Now to work out how much juice you need a day to match the nicotine level (although you should try to reduce this gradually over time)...

Say you start of vaping 18mg juice, after quiting smoking for good based on the figures above you should aim to vape no more than 10ml a day as each ml contains 18mg of nicotine and you will absorb 1.8mg per ml; 10ml is a lot of juice to vape in a day, so in this case I think 24mg juice would be better at that would reduce your levels down to 7.5ml Obviously this is just an indicator, your method of vaping can have a huge affect on this so there are two simple rules to follow:

1) If you get a headache you are vaping too much - ease off straight away

2) Once your cravings are satisfied stop - no need to get even more addicted

The next step after this is to start reducing your nicotine levels, this helps remove your dependence and also improves the flavour of the juice (juice with less concentrate of nicotine will taste better). To do this I find that having two tanks at one time is good as you can switch between different concentrations based on your cravings - if you make the switch and you find your cravings are returning just switch back to the higher concentrate juice or invest in a mod and tank that can deliver a bigger hit.

Another final tip I have for anyone stating vaping is to replace the habit too, for example I used to smoke in the garden - I found that going outside to vape helped to get me started. It's also going to be rough on your throat at first so drink plenty of water and keep going - after a few days to a week this will stop you will feel much healthier.

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