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Sorry Nanny, e-cigs have 'no serious side-effects' – researchers

Matt Brigden

here we go again incoming doomsayers

17 months ago I stubbed out the last analog . 40 a day to vape . Quite happy on 0.3mg of nicotine so less than a fag and also less of the other junk too . In those 17 months I have sat watching a variety of articles get bent , regurgitated in parts and twisted . Most of it is utter tosh .

Are the chemicals responsible for popcorn lung in ecigs - They were in a couple of brands of juice all of which have since removed them . What the report didnt say was the amount detected was miniscule when compared to a cigarette .

Same for the rest yes there but at a much lower amount than a cig . The only people still bleating are surprise surprise the tobacco wonks and pharma guys all of which are directly threatened by ecigs .

Stop reading the reports by the damned headlines and actually read the reports . The articles tend to twist facts . The independent research papers dont .

No ecigs are not 100% safe BUT its a huge amount safer than smoking .. And face it neither is crossing the road .

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