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End all the 'up to' broadband speed bull. Release proper data – LGA

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"In most cases, the weakest link is the connection to the property."

Depends. If you're connecting around the world, there's plenty of potential for a weak link along the way. If your destination's pretty obscure, you raise the chance for a weak link. There's a lot of factors beyond your control, though I will admit if you're at the mercy of a DSL link in the middle of nowhere, you've got a pretty lousy hand to start with. I wouldn't know; I've had cable modem since about 1998 and wired my own house. With FTTH as the local alternative, the cableco's been steadily improving the service and are now starting to roll out Gigabit service (via DOCSIS 3.1) to counter. I don't trust the max speed, but the data cap that goes with it looks tempting.

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