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"It's just taking advantage of the general population's stupidity."

Downvotes ahoy, but I really feel like I ought to say something about brexit here...

...thing is, MOST advertising takes advantage of people's stupidity and/or lack of attention. This is absolutely the best shampoo on the market (sample size of eleven bored housewives). Nine out of ten cats prefer it (I bet the alternative was a Tesco stripey tin cat food - and we must surely feel for the cat that preferred it). FullHD, just don't ask what the actual screen resolution is. And those loan adverts that finish with the Ts&Cs in rapid blurry text and spoken so fast you'd have to concentrate to catch even half of it.

Advertising is the art of taking something mundane and sexing it up into something desirable. Oh, look, now I feel like I ought to say something about apples...eeee, look at my big bramley.

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