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Delete Google Maps? Go ahead, says Google, we'll still track you

Graham Cobb

@ Chris 125, choice is very welcome. If those services are useful to you, and you have chosen to use them and pay the price, that is fine. Is it not obvious to you that there are other people who do not need/use those services and hence are not willing to pay (with private information) for services we don't use?

I still can't see a single downside.

It is about protecting choice, so those of us who wish to decline some offers and accept others can do so.

Would the price still be fine for you if Google said the only way they would offer the services is if you agree that they can record all your conversations (not just calls) and publish them on the internet for everyone to listen to? I am sure you would decide that was not a price worth paying. What if they said "OK, we will only allow companies who have a business relationship with you to have copies of all the conversations". Probably still not acceptable. What about "OK, we will only give them access to conversations where their company name is mentioned". Maybe you would think about that. Or "we won't give them the actual audio -- we will analyse the conversation and give them the gist of it". A few more people might agree to that. Or "we will not summarise the conversation at all, just tell them that you were talking about them". Several more would sign up.

My point is that we all have different assessments of the value of our privacy. No one is comfortable with no privacy. Your assessment of the value of your private conversations will be different from mine. That is fine -- but we should all be able to make those trades at the price we are willing to pay.

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