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Well they don't have my name, my address, or my phone number. So what do they REALLY know?

Thanks to your use of WhatsApp they also have your FRIEND's details, but without their permission or knowledge. Add to that that for most users blocking SMS is all but impossible, and it's easy to see why any ad-dependent data thief would want those details. Google, LinkedIn and Facebook all have been grabbing mobile numbers as fast as they could get them, ostensibly "for our security" (yeah, right). Zuckerberg simply bought himself more direct access to your address book with WhatsApp, because that keeps him up to date on changes and updates too.

This backdoor grabbing of personal details is IMHO one of the largest holes in Data Protection and privacy regulation. They don't have to ask permission, and they have no obligation to inform you that they have grabbed your details until you ask them directly (and at that point they can simply lie, because who is going to say differently - only Facebook is now exposed because all you have to do is find a friend who uses WhatsApp).

I never installed WhatsApp for the exact reason that my address book has phone numbers of rather interesting people who would not appreciate anyone leaking their number, but Zuck will have that number if anyone else in their circle of contacts has installed WhatsApp.

What's more: install it on a BUSINESS phone without gaining permission of all the customers you have in your phone address book and you may very well be in breach of the Data Protection Act as you have not informed customers beforehand that you're going to share your details with Zuckerberg...

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