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"I can't help wondering if this is what is really behind Prime Minister May's "security" concerns about the Hinckley Point nuclear agreement."

Quite possibly.

The Chinese interest in Hinkley (and other nuke plants) being built (quickly and safely) is extreme self interest.

If you look at a topographical map of China you'll understand why. Even a sea level rise of 2-3 metres will result in more than half of lowland China (home to 70% of the population) becoming tidal lagoons, marshes and mangrove swamps. They have a vested interest in cutting carbon emissions NOW and nuclear is the only long-term solution - current tech now, but LFTR or other safer tech as soon as it's viable (the biggest problem with current tech is the fact that it uses water in the radioactives loop, which is an inherently bad idea)

(I could rant on with stats, but the short version is that with the best will in the world, no matter how much buildout of renewables there is, it'll only equal current electricity generation and that only accounts for 40% of carbon emissions at best. To replace heating/transport/etc you'll need to increase capacity by a factor of at least 6, probably 8 over current total levels and there's just not enough space for that many windmills/solar panels close enough to points of consumption to be able to economically send it over wires - sea crossings are notoriously low capacity+expensive+lossy and long lines are extremely expensive/lossy/visually intrusive due to tower height)

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