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>The sad part is real slavery may be an improvement for many of these workers and their families.

While I understand your point, not it isn't. Slavery is utterly abhorrent and contrary to basic human decency.

Those people who work in the factories in Bangladesh do so because their alternative is trying to live off natural resources, as they have done for countless generations. People flock to the cities to find work and a better living than they would have otherwise and usually it is a better living. They send their kids to work because this brings in more income which they can spend on food. If we in the west scream that this is terrible and force the kids out of the factories, then those kids will end up working elsewhere, probably in worse conditions.

It was no different here in the past: while I spent my early teens mostly having fun, my grandfather worked in a coal mine. Go back another generation and working-class kids tended to work.

In the days of the empire, Indian cotton (Bangladesh was part of India then, of course) was sent to England, where it was turned into cloth in the northern mills. The people there weren't paid a lot and conditions were often poor, but they had jobs and could feed themselves. Britain basically looked after its own, including the feeder businesses into the industry. Nowadays those who own and operate the businesses, including many of those who "lead" this country couldn't give a shit about British industry and its workers; they're only interested in lining their own pockets. In addition we have pesky laws which mean you can't treat people like shit here. So the manual labour takes place in places where it's cheap and labour laws either don't exist or a routinely flouted.

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