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I don't know. I haven't seen him wrong yet ;-) Although, he has said in the past something like, "if I'm wrong, I'm just an idiot". But he doesn't go into a rant unless he's confident that he's right.

And I read the thread where this article came from, and I see nothing personally offending from Linus. Yeah, he swears and calls patches crap. But he's managing 10,000 changes a release, and needs to be efficient in letting people understand what he'll accept or not. And this is his way of saying "what you are doing is a show stopper, now stop that". I see people argue that he could be "nicer" and accomplish the same thing. Honestly, I don't buy that. I've seen Linus be "nice" and people don't "get it" until he starts swearing. The whole arm mess didn't change after Linus asked nicely several times, but one he went into his swearing tirade, the entire Arm community fixed their crap.

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