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This is directed at Leavers in general as much as the commenter.

"I voted out because we have enough unelected twats running(ruining) our country without adding a whole bunch more based in Brussels(or Strasburg if its a monday)."

How many times do people need to be corrected on how the EU fundamentally works? Yes I'm lucky(ish!) as I studied it whilst studying law.

A shame that a lot of people have not been better educated on the EU, but that would probably have been labelled as EU propaganda by Murdoch & Co.

Vaguely... you can find much more online...

Council of Ministers - your legally elected national representative. In reality nothing much gets done without their say so and is one of the biggest hinderances to a more democratic Europe.

EU Parliament - democratically elected members, have become, and would continue to be increasingly powerful if people bothered to take an interest, get off their arses and vote, which most don't. Britain treats them as a joke (well Farage plays a good jester I guess) and waste an opportunity to increase democracy (if there ever really is such a thing)

Commission - members nominated by your legally elected government. They weren't just picked off the street.

None of the 3 bodies can make/pass laws by itself (in general terms - there are some oddities that should be resolved). They are there to balance power (the courts play a role in that too. Yes judges are unelected in the EU. The same as the UK. There's a good reason for that. Search 'separation of powers')

"The day I (along with every other EU citizen) can elect the EU president, and an EU senate (to replace the unelected commisison) my vote switches to 'in'"

Well you fucked any chance you had by voting out. Or did I miss the fairy story about another vote to go back in along with 350 million for the NHS ? Seems not. Too late. Missed the boat now

For 'unelected' see above. If you had appraised yourself of the facts before you voted you may have realised the best chance of this happening (and I would like to see something along these lines myself) was by staying in, taking an interest and making your vote count in European elections.

Instead you voted on something you really didn't understand, based on a bunch of complete lies, and shot your own nose off.

Full marks. Give yourself a pat on the back. Sorry... did you say you had a nosebleed ? Have a Kleenex. Didn't Boris tell you it might sting a bit ?

My own fundamental reason for staying? I don't want Europe to ever suffer the horrors of the Somme or Verdun or Normandy again. Not me, my kids, nor generations to come. Good people died so we could all live in peace. That's what the EU was meant to try and achieve first and foremost. Talk about your problems. Don't fight over them.

I have lots of other reasons, but lets get our priorities right.

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