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"Linux will only play nicely with about 1/10 of existing devices."

uh, no. I rarely have problems, and most of them were with things like winmodems pretending to be sound cards on very very very old hardware [a toshiba laptop, specifically].

these days, I find there are very few devices that don't support Linux. FreeBSD, on the other hand, I have a bit more trouble with. [but it's been good to me thus far]. NDISWrapper helps, though.

(never DID get the atheros wifi to work for FBSD in my old laptop, and now the motherboard needs replacing - yeah, and all but THAT chipset probably works fine - it's the device itself, a pre-N card from 2008-ish)

Still I've found that nearly everything ELSE works 'first time around' when I plug it into a Linux system. All of those cheap ethernets, and particularly wifi and bluetooth devices that use certain very COMMON chipsets, "just work". they even work on RPi.

Maybe the hardware makers need to cough up a proper driver for their stuff, instead, something you can build locally and then 'modprobe' into the kernel startup.

(yeah that's what should be done with those wifi drivers that Linus ranted over...)

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