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"Monotype RIP, even the 3D pipe screensaver"

You were there, weren't you.

NT/Alpha RIPs (Raster Image Processing, i.e. PostScript to device-specific bitmap, sort of) were one of the areas where Alphas went from zero to hero in a few months, because of a focused and competent program where a few DEC people with clue working with a few RIP vendors (and others in similar trades, e.g. high end scanner/printer machines) with clue.

There were some low-level hardware-related issues, such as the inability of PLX's generic configurable PCI interface chip to cope with the PCI-compliant speed of IO from an Alpha->PCI interface, but once identified they were rapidly worked around. Most x86-based RIP builders had never been able to test their hardware to the limits of the PCI spec.

The software needed for RIPs was rather specialist; they could easily be built to run well on Alpha and the lack of native support for routine office apps on Alpha didn't matter on a machine dedicated to RIPping, especially as most of them just worked anyway.

The performance of 3D Pipes was largely down to the state of the art (but affordable) 3D graphics starting to ship with the NT/Alpha systems.

Then Gates decided NT was going back to x86 only and that was the end of that.

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