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You can be damned sure that if the EU blocks UK banks from passporting in to the EU, the reverse will done and no EU banks will get in here losiung them a shed load of business, then , just like BMW/Fiat/any other big business that sells lots into the UK, the phone will be picked up and a called made to the people in charge and "fuck up our business into the UK and we'll make sure you'll be kicked out at the next election" will be said

The whole point of voting out for me was'nt about xenophobia, racism, stupidity or any other reason.

I voted out because we have enough unelected twats running(ruining) our country without adding a whole bunch more based in Brussels(or Strasburg if its a monday).

The day I (along with every other EU citizen) can elect the EU president, and an EU senate (to replace the unelected commisison) my vote switches to 'in'

Oh well... best get my flame proof overalls on for this

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