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I'm one of the people that directly work with Linus. And it's a lie when he says he's "not a nice guy". Because really, he's one of the nicest people I know. The problem is, like many other people I know, when he gets upset, he can act like a jerk. The reason most people tolerate that, is because when he gets upset, you probably did something really stupid. I've only been on his bad side once, and at the end of that conversation, I realized that I was in the wrong.

It makes Linus look much worse that the only times he is in the headlines is when he's giving one of his rants. But that's really 1% of the time. Want to know how the community really is? Back in 1998, I had a thinkpad that Linux wasn't recognizing the floppy for. I posted to the Linux Kernel Mailing List with what I found with my own sloppy debugging, and Linus himself replied back to me. He worked with me for several hours to help me get my floppy drive working. And I wasn't a one off. Linus and other top kernel developers have spent lots of time helping people get their kernels working. That is what got me hooked to kernel development.

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