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Intel-gathering is one area in which the UK definitely ranks well above our (soon to be ex-) European partners, for various reasons which really should not need repeating. To imply that WE will lose out if Europol decides not to share anything with us is like saying a record company will lose out if you never buy another one of your favourite artist's products.

How many criminals have been extradited to the UK from mainland Europe? How many terrorist attacks in the UK were prevented because the French or German intelligence services passed on intel they had collected but GCHQ had not? I would ask how many attacks on mainland Europe have been prevented because we shared data with them but they are - quite rightly - somewhat reluctant to let us know the answer to that.

And as for stopping bankers shifting funds from one hole to another, is that really a bad thing? If they can only try to plug gaps inside the UK then their "little" misdemeanours will come to light a lot quicker than if they can borrow increasingly large sums from other people...

If you seriously believe that Europol would fail to pass on actionable intelligence over a hissyfit because we told the Eurocrats to go play with themselves then you need to ask yourself what would happen when such knowledge became public - knowing that someone could have prevented murder but didn't because they were too interested in scoring political points is a good way to end up with a large number of unhappy citizens. What would you say if you found out that some foreign politician sat on information that could have saved one of YOUR loved ones? "Oh well, it's all down to the people who voted to leave the EU"? Or would you want to know just What. The. F***. made some idiot in a suit think he shouldn't pass on vital information because someone else in a suit didn't like to be told 'no'?

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