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"The mostly non-existent drivers of Linux are why you can't buy PCs at your local store with Linux."

How about doing some careful thinking. If a manufacturer wants to sell a pre-loaded Linux box they can make damn sure that it has the correct drivers built in. This won't be difficult because as someone else has said, most stuff is supported these days.*

The reasons why you can't buy such items easily are

(a) there isn't a big corporation like Microsoft with a marketing budget to promote demand; in fact there's a big corporation like Microsoft with a big budget trying to suppress demand. (Remember Netbooks.)

(b) the local stores are staffed with oiks who can only recognise a handful of brands.

(c) that you haven't recognised the Linux boxes which are available at your local store. Apart from Android devices, which we can agree aren't PCs you might well find such things. But, because of (a) above they won't be labelled "Linux". Try looking for something labelled "Chromebook".

*OTOH it appears that in the future you won't be able to get Windows other than 10 to install on newer H/W because Microsoft will actively prevent you.

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