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Yeah I don't get this "You're an adult, therefore you should be able to take the beating" or "You cock up, you take the beating".

That isn't how people learn. Sure, if they repeatedly make the same mistake(s) then you need to take action but all the blame/bullying culture does is to make people feel they cannot own up to mistakes and they end up trying to hide them - end result, what would have been a small mistake easily managed becomes a calamitous one that can't.

Interesting how there are these signs round place like hospitals warning that verbal or physical abuse won't be tolerated and the police will be called. The BBC, for once, did the right thing last year when they ended Jeremy Clarkson's contract for verbal (and physical abuse) and yet some of you seem to think it's ok in our world? That it's somehow "character building"? Please!

Don't be surprised if you act like an arsehole to me from the get-go that I react in the same way. Equally, start ranting at me and swearing like it's a drunken bust-up in a nightclub and be prepared to pick your teeth up. Bullies only tend to understand that kind of language.

You pay people for their skills, not the right to abuse them. And frankly it doesn't matter if you're on £15k or £150k that still stands.

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