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As I have said many times, stupid, short-sighted, xenophobic and self-destructive.

Sadly the pro-Brexif Daily Fail, Express and the rest are ignoring that and painting an all is 'Rosy' picture to the rest of their supporters.

I'd like to know if the owners and editors of those publicatinos have bolt holes in Europe ready for them to bugger off too when the UK goes belly up. The rest of us will have to stick it out and get our daily ration of 'Chicken-Little' from the government soup kitchen.

The 25% unemployment that is seemingly the norm in southern Europe will pale into insignificance to our 40% that will surely come when any company able to deserts the sinking ship as fast s they can.

so pro-Breciteers downvote this all you like but sooner or later the shite will hit the fan and .... well, we'll all be covered in it.

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