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Think about the process..

The separation if the driver and the firmware was probably driven by some guy in a suit that wanted to control everything. The poor software writer of the driver can only say "OK" and try to do it that way. Of course it makes little sense, but he was doing as he was told. With the feedback from Linux, he can tell his higher-ups that it can't be done that way. So, the suits might relent and allow the "proper" way of doing things firmware blob in the driver and all that.

If they want to update the driver, OR the firmware, a new release is in order. See, it isn't that difficult. The maintaining of a specialized program that talks to the driver is a special way to load the firmware, which needs to be done before you can do anything, is at best a difficult task. Making it work in all circumstances (now how to I get this into systemd) may well be out of the question.

Put simply: The driver should be all you need for a device. No more, no less.

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