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Daring to speak the slightest ill of St. Linus or the Holy Linux Way will of course earn you downvotes (or in /. -speak "how does Satya's cock taste you M$-shilling douchemonkey?!?!?"), but that doesn't make you wrong. The whole approach to driver handling in Linux has never made sense to me to be honest and while I've seen musings from people much, much smarter than me on both sides of the fence I think it's safe to say that such discussions are all academic anyway since Linus will never change his approach (which it totally his prerogative since it's his train set).

As for Linus' "communication style", and the environment of the kernel development itself it's no secret that Linus isn't a "nice" guy to work with (something he freely admits) and it's always baffled me that people don't just tell him to shove his "hobby" up his arse and walk away (I know I would) but clearly there are enough people who enjoy/tolerate that sort of working environment because the project continues to thrive, which is a good thing since the computing world is almost certainly better off with Linux in it.

Would it be better if it was a friendlier community? Personally I think it would, while I'm nowhere near good enough to be writing code for a project like the Linux kernel I'm sure there are plenty of very talented devs who are but wouldn't touch that pit of toxic waste with a ten-foot barge pole. But as I said earlier the project is by-and-large thriving and no-one has a gun to their head forcing them to keep working on it.

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