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> But by making a version of a device's firmware get compiled in with the device driver in the kernel

What ? Well, actually, these are usually modules, which drivers end up in the kernel is the distribution's/manufactuers choice. If hardware driver requires firmware, the firmware files are placed into /lib/firmware where one can update them.

Now, you have this (what Linus is saying) with some wifi cards, where you have to download the firmware for your chip from the internet - maybe I should put this differently: To be able to use the device that connects to the internet, you are requested to download the firmware FROM the internet. I know, sounds "normal" to you, maybe because you use Windows and are fine with using other computers to download ethernet/wifi drivers ... In general, you don't have to download files from the open internet to install them ... on Linux. These are rare exceptions that Linus is handling perfectly. All because Broadcom are too @#$%@#$ silly and don't understand IT IS IN THEIR INTERESTS to provide ALL firmware images to the kernel dev team, actually, it would in in everybody's best interest if they released the source code to the firmware, that way you could have fully free drivers for their devices ... but that is just a dream with suckerz like that around.

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