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Exactly and I am pretty sure he starts off being nice, pointing out the issue, when he sees the other stick his fingers in his ears he blows a fuse.

Looking at this specific case, Linus could not have been clearer:

> Nobody has actually answered the "why don't we just tie the firmware and module together" question.


>Really. If the driver doesn't work without the firmware, then why the hell is it separated from it in the first place?


>The hack is a hack, and it just sounds *stupid*.


El'Reg, it would be greatly appreciated if you could put his outrages into more of a "context", thanks. And actually, I think Linus was very polite, for a change ...I'd call that numpty names you cannot find in dictionaries ... I also remember one of his other rants about a loony who wanted to store metadata first on drive so that, in case of failure, say sudden power-off, you could at least have the metadata ... Linus explained that metadata is "useless" without the actual data, d'oh! And the guy came back at it ... you're wrong, Linus tells you your logic is flawed, you still come back, Linus tells you to @#$%, sounds like fair play.

Go, Linus, go ... tell 'em!

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