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>I gave up on hoping they would stablize to some degree about 10 or 11 years ago but is still sad to see. Just have to look at how many dozens if not hundreds of kernel combinations for example that vmware tools distributes drivers to see how bad it is. Looking myself I see two hundred and ninety three different kernel drivers. (And yes of course there is source code too).

There is a reason why they change the ABI ever so often, don't worry, I used to think just as you do now.

>The linux kernel devs like to say just release the source. Yeah like that magically solves all problems.

Exactly, this is one of the reasons they are doing it, it's because of the GPL. Ideally, vmware should just send their drivers to the Linux kernel dev team and maintain them there, that way, it would be available everywhere - it would also be cheaper on dev costs, because more eyes for free ... the downside, of course, is that you get to endure Linus' outrages when you are wrong, stubborn, and the issue takes common sense to comprehend. In short, vmware are, once again, being a bunch of d*cks which might also have to do with the issues discussed in the court case (alleged Linux code-lifting).

No downvote from me, although I am a fanboy ... actually, I am more of a HateAnyThingMSBoy and I have valid reasons to be, imho.

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