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>Microsoft can either let the application or driver crash for users and invariably take blame and media reports of the new OS being unstable, or they can write a hack specific to that application or driver to make it work.

Are you nuts, they do not give a rats a$$ and MS are right on this one, why should they keep undocumented internal feature x just because ONE 3rdparty program uses it, they are gonna say, please patch your poor excuse for a win32 application.

The problem they do have is that they have been relying on a monolithic system since day 1 and now that it has become a behemoth, they have many kinds of problems. Pulling out the ui, for example, has taken several years, and if you look at server nano, for example, with its 9Gb hd footprint, you can tell that they did not "really" remove the ui, they have simply hidden it ... Windows Me and MS DOS anyone ? Ok, this time better than before, still, a lot of ui-centric DLL's are still there ... just saying.

Windows Update is a disaster, when you install an OS, say Windows 7 SP1, for example, it will pull ALL patches ever released post SP1 from the interwebs... so it will patch iexplore.exe ~96+ times, instead of simply downloading and installing the latest. Why, are you gonna ask ? I am not quite sure ... they are Microsoft for a reason™.

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