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As a linux user since 1996(desktop and server), I can say drivers on linux have been almost nothing but hack jobs the whole time. Linux driver ABI is always changing and breaking shit.

I gave up on hoping they would stablize to some degree about 10 or 11 years ago but is still sad to see. Just have to look at how many dozens if not hundreds of kernel combinations for example that vmware tools distributes drivers to see how bad it is. Looking myself I see two hundred and ninety three different kernel drivers. (And yes of course there is source code too).

I think the issue has hurt android as well making it more difficult for manufacturers to upgrade drivers for newer kernels.

Linus won't fix it. I got over it a long time ago. But kind of funny to see him complain about that kind of thing when drivers on linux have been broken forever.

The linux kernel devs like to say just release the source. Yeah like that magically solves all problems.

I stopped paying close attention to the kernel when they abandoned the "stable" and "testing" branches, what was it the 2.4 days ? Before that it was say 2.0.x for stable, and 2.1.x for testing/dev, then 2.2 was stable, etc..

bring on the downvotes, totally expected that from the fan boys.

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