Reply to post: Is this just a puff piece for Sec Consult?

Hacker takes down CEO wire transfer scammers, sends their Win 10 creds to the cops


Is this just a puff piece for Sec Consult?

There isn't any information showing that crims "hate him for it". Do they? How do you know?

There is a proper place for puffery posing as journalism and it's in those horrible spamfomercials that go to my work email address pretty regularly. Don't just recycle a report about this security conflab and pass it off as news.

I'd be interested in a properly researched piece with multiple unrelated examples of how this kind of defence is denting global crime. Is opening bank accounts really that hard? Where is the evidence.

Go and get some stats from Europol, Interpol, FBI, whoever, and work it out.

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